Friedrich and Charlotte Bozian
( based on records from her son Emil in Feb. 1967 )

Friedrich * March 08th, 1889 in Montwitz / East Prussia † unknown

finished elementary school ( 8 years ) and started in april 1903 an education as locksmith for 3 years.
Since Dec. 03rd, 1906 he was employded as a mineworker ( locksmith ) in Gelsenkirchen / Germany.
On Oct. 14th, 1909 he was orderd to the Royal Army.
Affected by a accident, and a minor physical disability as a result, he went out of service on Dec. 20th, 1910.

The next 30 month are unknown.
Evidently Friedrich must have returned to East Prussia / Poland, because he married Charlotte in 1911.

From June 02nd, 1913 to Nov. 27th, 1915 he worked on " Buer - Erle " as a miner ( locksmith ).
From Dec. 01st, 1915 bis June 23rd, 1917 he fought in Word War I.
From June 26th, 1917 bis March 28th, 1922 he worked as a miner ( locksmith ) in Disteln / Westfalen.
Affected by the inflation, jobless and without money, he sold for cash his house and returned to Lindenort / east Prussia.
From Okt. 1923 to April (?) 1926 he worked for the company Neumann in Allenstein.

In Feb.( or May ) 1926 Friedrich so post to emigratd Hamburg to Montewideo / Uruguay / Southamerika.
In the beginning he also sent money to his Family ( maybe ).
Because there is no direct shiproute going from Hamburg or Bremen toward Uruguay it is possible that Friedrich ended in
    • Montevideo in Minnesota / USA
    • or in Georgia / USA
    • or in Maryland / USA
    • or in Virginia / USA.
There so post to exist a message from the international red cross that says he died in an exident on a construction site
in 1928 in Montevideo.

April 2010 : I found ( in www. ) in Humaco / Puerto Rico Alexandra Zdiarstek.
Is she a great-granddaugther from my grandpa ??

Charlotte * April 28th. 1890 † July 30th. 1981 at 1.30 p.m. in Wustrau
Certificate of death " Neuruppin 444/ 1981 "

    Charlotte´s parents were Adam Bozian ( Bocian ) * April 15th, 1837 in Eschenwalde and
    Dorothea Tanzki * Dec. 13th, 1862 in Borken.
    Adam Bozian is one Sohn of Gottlieb Bocian and Dorothee ( Dorothea ) Augustin.
    Bozian or Bocian ( Stork Pl / G / eng. ) when the transcription happend is also unknown.
after she graduarted from elementary school, she started on education as dressmaker in Oct. 1908 to Oct. 1910.
Afterwards she worked as dressmaker for the company Adolph Wrobel in Lindenort until March 31st,1913.
From June 1913 she worked as outworkerfor the company Joseph Weiss.( probably in Disteln )
Since Nov. 1915 she was employed as grocery saleslady for company Schröder.( probably in Disteln )
Than in Oct. 1922 she was working as outworker - dressmaker for the company Adolph Wrobel, in Lindenort, again.
From April 1926 to March 1929 She was working as self.employed dressmaker.
From April 1929 to Nov. 1944 She was working as cultural worker in the ranger station Gisöwen.
The front line, in WW 2, came closer and the family escaped towards the west.
From Aug. 1945 to Aug. 03rd, 1946 she found shelter by farmer Franz Rukik ( Rukitz ) in Stubbendorf / Mecklenburg.
afterwards they moved throughout the estern part of Germany.
They have also been to Meissen near Dresden.

In Wustrau ( to the best of my knowledge )

In 1950, Charlotte and Emil came to Wustrau.
They were living in an emergency shelter ( hut) for escapees of the war.
On Okt. 22th, 1951 Emil bought a piece of land in Wustrau from the farmworkerin Ingeborg Ritthaler.
    Open field piece 3, Number 427 with 1,347 acre total area.
On this property he first build a half-timbered house.
Grandma Charlotte raised pigs and geese, and from the money they bought constructions utensils.
At this time, Emil worked in the steel factory in Hennigsdorf.
He got to know Edith Karras , who he married on Nov. 28th, 1953 in Wustrau.
Certificate of marrige " Wustrau 15/1953 ".
On May 12th, 1954 Edith gave birth to their one and only child Axel.
From 1964 to 1974, they rebuild their house,it was modernized, and build with concrete.

Emil and Edith Karras
( based on memories of Axel, September 2000 )

Emil Rudolph was born on March 15th, 1922 in Disteln and died on Nov. 2nd, 1999 in Wustrau.
Certificate of birth " Recklinghausen 126 / 1922 "; Certificate of death " Fehrbellin 48 / 1999 ".

He graduated from elementary school in Ortelsburg in 1936.
From March 16th, 1938 to Sep. 20th, 1941 he was occupied as construction worker
in the construction company Grzeller in Ortelsburg.
Since Oct. 4th, 1941, Emil was called into service.
On July 7th, 1942, he lost his left leg, caused by a grenade in St. Petersburg / Russia
He spent a long time in a military hospital in Thale / Harz.
On Feb. 25th, 1944, he went out of service on command of the army.
On March 30th, 1944, Emil received his skilled worker certification as construction drawer.
From April 20th,1944 to June 30th, 1944, he was hired by the " organization Todt" .
From Dec. 6th, 1944 to April 19th, 1945, he worked in the intelligence technology arsenal of the German Marine in Thale.
The time from 1945 to 1949 is not exactly comprehensible.
From Oct. 6th, 1949 to Nov. 30th, 1964 Emil worked in the steel factory in Hennigsdorf.
From Dec. 1st, 1964, he worked for a farmers trade cooperation in Wustrau.
Emil retired on June 8th, 1984.
In 1992 he was affected by a contusion of a cervical vertebra bone, which resulted in partial paralyses.
After the death of Edith, several assistant living services took care of him.

Edith Irmgard Lucie Karras was born on Jan. 3rd, 1929 in Wustrau and died on March 1st, 1997 in the hospital in Eberswalde.
Certificate of birth " Wustrau 01 / 1929 "; Certificate of death " Eberswalde 153 / 1997 "
    Edith`s father was Friedrich Wilhelm Karras, born on April 26th, 1887 in Speichow and
      died on Aug.28th, 1947 at 9.30 a.m. in the hospital of Neuruppin.
      Certificate of death " Neuruppin 824 / 1947 "
    Edith´s mother was Ella Emilie Ida Lindemann, born on Aug. 22th, 1893 in Almke and
      died on April 13th, 1973 on 06.30 a.m. in the hospital in Neuruppin.
      Certificate of death " Neuruppin 228 / 1973 "
    They got married on Sep. 30th, 1921 in Neindorf, county Giffhorn. Certificate of marrige " Neindorf 14 / 1921 "

      The father of Friedrich Wilhelm was Friedrich August Karras, born on March 21st, 1854 in Oelsen,
        died on Okt. 19th,1923 at 11 a.m. in Lieberose.
      He married Wilhelmine Schröter on April 27th, 1884 in Nienisch.
      She was born on Feb. 17th, 1863 in Speichow and died on June 8th, 1920 at 3:30 Lieberose.
      Brothers and sisters of F. Wilhelm were Wilhelmine Karras and F. August Karras.
      The parents of Friedrich August were
      Johan Wilhelm Karras and Marie Dorothea Paschke.

    The parents of Ella were Christian Wilhelm xxxxx Lindemann,
    born on Nov. 10th, 1848, died on May 28th, 1908 and Auguste Johanna Dorothea Brand.
She graduated from elementary school in Wustrau on March 27th, 1943.
Afterwards she accomplished her " duty-year " ( home worker for family A.Schulz in Protzen.
From April 1st, 1944, she started an education as food designer in the butchery Machunze in Neuruppin.
Since 1954, Edith worked as sales lady for the KONSUM butchery in Wustrau, later onas manager. She retired in 1990.

Axel Jörg, born on May 12th, 1954 in Wustrau.
Certificate of birth " 03 / 1954 "

From Sep. 1960 to June 1970 he was a student at the polytechnical high school in Wustrau.
Afterwards he started an education as installation mechanic in the Electrical - Physical - Factory in Neuruppin.
There i got to know my wife A delheid F riedrich.
We married on Oct. 19th, 1974 in Wustrau; Certificate of marriage " Wustrau 10 / 1974 ". But we got divorced in 1986.
I worked in EPF Neuruppin until 1975.
The following tow years I worked for a youth organisation.
From May 1977, I started military servic for 18 month.
Till July 1984, I worked in the Flight School in Schönhagen as mechanic for glider aircrafts.
(One of the aircraft has the typename " Bocian" )

In the years from 1981 to 1983, i qualified myself for the master degree in common mechanical engineering.
Since the August of 1984, I worked as head master for technic and construction on estate Gnewikow. ( public property )
Because of physical reasons, I became a substitude master in the technical workshop in Gnewikow in 1986.
On May 19th, 1990, I married J udith F ink ,born Dec. 21th, 1964 in Munich; Certificate of marriage " Fehrbellin 08 / 1990".
We got divorced in 1996.
Because of inner - structural rearrangements in our Company, I became jobless on April 30th, 1991.
That was caused by the " fall " of the " Berlin Wall " on Nov. 19th, 1989.
In May 1st,1991 I started an entrepreneurship.
In March 1994, I established my Business site in Falkensee.
Because of its small distance to Berlin and it´s rich customers potencial.
In the 21th century, since the Euro ( € ) has startet i startet also to work in terretory europa.

A delheid M agarete F riedrich was born on Nov. 13th, 1954 in Neuruppin.
Certificate of birth " Neuruppin 943 / 1954 "
She graduated from the polytechnical high school in Karwe in June 1969.
Afterwards she worked as landscaper in her hometown Karwe.
Since 1971, she was employed in the Electrical - Physical - Factory in Neuruppin.
Later she married Axel and gave birt to their son Steffen.
Then she worked in a restautant in Wustrau as kitchen help.
After she moved with Axel to Blankensee, and worked in a school cafeteria.
In the Flight School in Schönhagen, she worked as cock, and prepared meals for teachers and students all around the clock.
From 1980 to 1982, she qualified herself for a degree as cock.
On the estate Gnewikow, she found a job as kitchen manager.
In Aug. 7th, 1986 was our daugther Judit born.
After the divorce, A delheid worked in Radensleben in a restaurant as cock.
After the " fall " of the " Berlin Wall " the restaurant she worked in, went bankrupt,
but she found a job in the nursery school ( kindergarden ).
199? she married K laus H errmann from Radensleben.

Steffen Zdiarstek was born on Feb. 24th, 1975 in Neuruppin; Certificate of birth " Neuruppin 153 / 1975 "

he graduarted from the polytechnical high school of Blankensee as well as Wustrau in June 1991.
After he graduated, he started an education as shoe designer in the near of Munich / Bavaria .
Because of an traffic accident, that he was involved in, he had to serve one more year of education.
Since 1996, he worked in Weilheim as shoe designer and crafted mostly ortopedic shoe.
In March 1998, he got to know Karin Bachmann, who he married on Oct. 10th, 2000.

Here son Marcus Phillip was born on Nov. 29th, 2000 in Weilheim / Bavaria.

Here daugther Carmen Leonie was born on Dez. 15th, 2004 in Landshut / Bavaria.

Judit was born on Aug. 7th, 1986 in Neuruppin; Certificate of birth " Neuruppin 713 / 1986 "
Since Sep. 1993, she visited elementary school in Herzberg.
Since Sep. 1999, she was a student at the evangelical high school in Neuruppin.
She attain here university entrance qualification in 2006.
In Aug. 2006 she startet here education to a labtechnician in Hoechst AG ( medical factory ) near Frankfurt / Main.